Simpler Times

My name is David Rodrigues. Tumblr is new to me. Just look through my stuff and you will get an idea of the type of person I am. Otherwise you can always ask me...

One of those

<p dir=ltr>(couple rides in on a motorcycle) <br>
Me:I need to get me one of those. <br>
Friend:a motorcycle? <br>
Me:a girlfriend.</p>

Game Theory: Mario is COMMUNIST?!? (by MatthewPatrick13)

Dave Chappelle Caught On Video! See Comedian's Funniest Moments Before He Starts Funny Or Die Tour [VIDEO] →

Daft Punk - Digital Love (by emimusic)

Mario Kart Love Song (Original) - Now on iTunes! (by Sam Hart)

I did not know this existed!! 

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